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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

at first I want to tell you some serious words to a theme I want to work up by funny satire. I have been prosecuting my website www.anticlerus.com dealing with the Christian religion and especially the former big national Christian churches since 2002. And so more and more people asked me why I am not also be occupied with the Islam which seems to be worse than christianity.

Christianty is an European religion and therefore it will be the task of us Europeans to reckon up with christianity first and foremost. We carry through this task in a more or lesse successful way.

The Islam didn´t played a part for us till recently. There were no Islamic instructions at schools and no islamic theology at the universities. There was no cry of a muezzin troubeling, but only the ringing of Christian church bells. Only the Christian churches were allowed to make their propaganda by the stately television and radio. You could go shopping at a super - market on Islamic holidays, and nor employer had to fear to have to call in also Islamic chruch - taxes for his Islamic employees.

In short: The Islam had been a religion in Europe which ecxisted in reality, but the Islam took only place in the private manner and didn´t influenced publicity at all. That were the best condition for a religion can offer dissidents to be tolerable...

But times changed, the Islam hadn´t learned anything from the mistakes of christianity, but the Islam wants to codetermine about the lives of our all and is demanding the same privilegies like the old Christian churches: Stately financement of practising their religion, the control of the stately television and radio, the introduction of holidays, cries of muezzins, further than - to put in mildly - extremely questionable practics like the schaechten (killing animals without stupefaction) of animals et circoncisions at kids.

That´s why the end of tolerance against the Islam has come. Now also the Islam must accept to be critized and perhaps to become a victim of satire...

I wish you a lot of joy by reading this site. I ´m locking forward for critics and new ideas. Please regard that this websoite is still under construction.



Joachim Kossmann



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