The revenge of the prophet...
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Once upon a time there was a famous German soccer club - I beg your pardon, but I ´ve forgotten the name at the moment -, in each case this soccer club was in former days the best all over the country and was beloved by its fans like any other.
Once upon a time, and matters haven´t changed. But it´s a pitty, it shouldn´t be possible for our soccer club to become the German Champion again for more than 50 years till today...
What next? Whit what one had made angry the God of Soccer?

From now on one took great pains. Even trams were painted prettyly in order to pay homage to the God of Soccer.




...but perhaps this flivver was not exclusive enough for the God of Soccer.

You cannot know it...



...even the brand new chapel of the stadion - paid by the money of the players of the stately lotto - couldn´t brought the expected godly ephiphany to the club.



...or did the club only paid homage to the wrong God?

But who is the Soccer God at all?
The Christian God?
The Jewish God?
...or perhaps Allah?


...but the thrust should become to be known one day:

"Mohammed war ein Prophet, der vom Fußballspielen nichts versteht. Doch aus all der schönen Farbenpracht, hat er sich das Blau und Weiße ausgedacht." (Mohammed was a prophet who didn´t catched on soccer anything. But he thought up the blue and white from all of the pretty color - powers)

This strophe from the club´s song might have caused the anger of the prophet. Also we modern people of the 21th century are getting to know that Mohammed will be omniscient, faultless and perfect and is an expert for everything. Also for soccer. But first of all he can´t stand critics. This hard offence of the prophet had to have consequences at all...


Well! It´s hard to know what to do. How can our beloved soccer club make free itself from the terrible revenge of the prophet in order to become the German Champion again at last?

Perhaps an exorcism? I don´t think so, he was not the originator at all. A new name for the soccer stadion has to be introduced in order to prove the necessary respect to the prophet!


...and with the help of Allah our soccer club will really be succesfaul to become the German Champion again.

Don´t you think so?